Missing data in meter on web page

With all the weird things I experienced this week, today this popped up.

I found it curious that both usage & solar popped up for a few minutes at the same time.

when I zoom in

Did my sense reboot or reload ?

Talking to Support today about this issue to determine if it’s a known bug @dannyterhaar - it looks like this is the same issue that’s being mentioned in the other thread here: Missing usage & solar data during the day in the solar tab, not in the meter graph

If so, I’ll go ahead and merge these two threads.

My sense does something similar if I reboot my router. Obviously that’s not a long enough time period for a router/ firewall to reboot. I figured my meter is still saving “usage” though its not posting it live, it saves that data then resubmits it as soon as my network is back up. It makes the same shape on the graph like its reporting the usage/ solar without a time associated with it. It doesn’t do it if I reboot the meter. I just have a empty slot/ missing data, similar to other post with the missing data/ empty slot.

Does your router/ firewall have logs?

Yes, I have log files of my router:

rtr-1:~$ w
15:47:15 up 15 days, 21:20, 0 users, load average: 0.50, 0.31, 0.22

This was not a router reboot :wink:

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Like I said… “Obviously that’s not a long enough time period for router to reboot.”

What I am saying it a hiccup in your wifi/ network/ isp/ … their isp/network/server which would disconnect the sense meter from sense’s cloud would cause your sense meter to temporarily save total wattages within the meter then resubmit the data with the incorrect time, thus showing more on a graph with time while that data is being submitted. Creating a graph like your first entry of this post. If your sense meter powers off it doesn’t record that data… this makes holes/ gaps like in your graph like your other post. Maybe someone from sense has the ability to set up a iperf test while your having these issues. Keep in mind, this ipeft test would have to be running right when this is having an issue. Ill reboot my router this evening then power the sense meter off for a few seconds to confirm.

As far as logging. I mean logging specific traffic, ip addresses or dhcp conflicts and renewals. Here is more of an example of basic router traffic logging. Your log is showing how long the device has been powered on.

Sense has a fair amount of data history memory, so it can store about 6 hours worth of data, and backfill later if there is a disruption in the connection with the mothership. But you will see lost data at the mothership (in the Power Meter) if the Sense monitor itself has issues - power outage, brownouts that cause reboots, plus occasional firmware updates. Earlier on in Sense’s life there were other Sense monitor issues that caused data dropouts as well, but most of those have faded away.


I do over 4TB of data per month and therefore only keep track of important firewall messages.
I have setup static dhcp for all my important (IoT) devices.
I am sure there is no overlap/collision with other devices on ip addresses.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

Just happened again

It happened at the same time that my EV charging seemed to stop.

Coincidence ?

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I just checked and my monitor is now running the just announced firmware : 1.35.3347-432344a0-master
So I think this was just the reboot of the new firmware.
Would it be a good idea to get an “uptime” indicator to see when was the last reboot?


So Kevin was correct that it a network disruption from the cloud (mothership) has no bearing on this. The meter did save the data … and the time. Then when it reattached, it backfield the data seemlessly… I’m not sure why I though it didn’t. I rebooted my network and had no gaps.

Then I flip the breaker off for a few seconds and back on. The gap this caused was 11 mins wide.

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