No power meter data and a few other issues

Beginning on Saturday 6/13, I noticed the following problems:

-No power meter graph display (the realtime usage value at the upper right corner of screen still works properly)
-No power meter display for individual devices
-Timeline stopped showing device on/off events
-Usage section shows “monitor was offline” since Saturday

Same behavior in iOS app and web app.

Realtime data is working fine and the bubble display is normal. Anyone else seeing this?

Cycling power to my Sense monitor seems to have corrected this issue.

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Still no trends data since this occurred. Opening a support ticket.

I’m having the exact same problem starting on the same day as you…

Hey @pswired - thanks for submitting a ticket here. @spentit, could you submit a support ticket to We’re only seeing one or two users with this issue and are not able to reproduce on our end as of yet.

Support replied to me to let me know the engineering team was investigating. Today I’ve noticed that the trends data is working again. All of the missing data is now being displayed as well. I’m not sure, but I suspect this may have started working after the database maintenance window the other night?