Power Meter Not Tracking Latest Data

Has anyone noticed the power meter is acting bizarrely lately? Its not tracking the latest data.

I verified that the latest watts data is coming in but the power meter view is tracking hours in the past! I can try to force it to track the latest with a finger swipe but it will just “snap” back to the hours old past point instead of latest. Very frustrating because I can actually briefly see the latest watts data is there and coming in fine.

This either happens right away or after a few minutes of good tracking. Its happening consistently on two Android devices and even the online web browser view!

Android devices tested:
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 20

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I’m experiencing some strange issues myself.
The power meter seems to be experiencing (more then the normal) issues loading properly/quickly in relation to time.
This is probably a spinoff related to the outage and will hopefully go back to ‘normal’ in time.
I’m guessing Sense experienced some backend server issues and is running on limited capacity.


@obscuredtrip ,

Yeah - I’m seeing similar. I’m guessing that in normal operation, the data pipeline does caching of most recent data for display as part of the computation of the hourly / daily / weekly / monthly / bill aggregated data. Maybe not so pretty when the data pipeline gets interrupted and backfilling I’m done.

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Saturday night I replaced the AP (old 2.4g router, with it’s own SSID only used on that router) that Sense connects to with a new extender (that now uses the same SSID as the rest of my house) and I fell asleep before I was able to finish the “connection setup” in Sense to connect to the new extender.
Around the same time is when Sense started having the system wide issues. So you all can blame me for the system wide outage…

Haven’t check specifics for accuracy (with the viewing issues) but my power meter retro filled in the (about) 12hrs the monitor was not connected to the network.

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My energy usage has graphed since midnight CT. It has been behind ever since the outage. I’m not sure if it is just a delay or if Sense is updating in batches. It is very annoying.