Device power meter display glitch


I’ve noticed the power meter for a specific device seems to glitch on iOS. I even think I know how to recreate the problem.

Say I’m viewing the Power Meter for my dryer (I’ve seen it on other devices too). If my phone locks (manually or timeout), I believe unlocking the phone causes a glitch in the Power Meter display so that it starts showing data from other devices too (starting at 1900).

If I go back to the Now tab and then navigate again to the Dryer Power Meter, the erroneous data at 1900 goes away.

Does anyone else experience this? Has this issue been posted before?


I see the same, but it adjust itself incredibly quickly…a half-second at most. Is your’s taking a while to recover? Or not recovering at all until you leave and navigate back?


I hadn’t paid attention until you asked. Looks like it stops showing new wrong data almost immediately. But the old data doesn’t leave the display until I exit and come back.


I have periodically run across this as well.