This doesn't make sense

I noticed today that my dryer was showing that it was on (it wasn’t), but aside from that, the dryer said that it was pulling 5kw when my total usage showed a total 719w.

So there seems to be two bugs - first my dryer wasn’t on (nor was anything else that large) and the total usage should be reading the 5kw plus the other 719w - which it wasn’t.

This was on an iPad, but the web showed the same thing.

This is something that you should write into the Support team about. They can take a look at your data and see what might’ve happened.

I’m curious what your “always on” was at the time?

This just happened again. The ‘Dryer’ comes on at 5.3k when the total usage is 4.1k.

The dryer is not on. image

Take a look at your power meter history for the past few hours and look for a big uptick in power usage that might have triggered the dryer on event. At one point in time, our electric oven was showing up as the dryer. And if the off-signature is different, the dryer bubble might get stuck on until it times out, leaving the bubble on, even after power usage has dropped. If no earlier spike in the power meter, I’ve reached the end of my possibilities.

Betting Sense support could give you a better idea of what’s happening.

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@kevin1 I think is onto something.
I see your timeline was showing that your dryer has been on 3 times at 7:44.
Maybe it just missed the last “off” signatures
I often have devices show on when they are off and it’s from missing the off signature. I don’t use the bubble screen but next time it happens, I’ll look and see if I have the same results you are having.

I have an old iPhone that I leave on the Bubble screen. It’s a nice way to know if something changes and what Sense is thinking. I then use my real iPhone or my Mac for the Power Meter view.

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That’s a great idea. I ha e my little “Sense station” setup next to my breaker pa el with an old iPad 3 mounted on the wall. I’ll use your idea and set that to bubbles and keep my phone on the timeline.

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