Dryer showing way higher usage in Now bubble than it's actually using

This is happening for both the web view and the mobile app. I’m not sure what’s happening. Here’s the desktop view.

Here is the mobile app

I have a similar issue I was searching for a solution for. I’m getting a higher reading on my HVAC bubble than my total usage. I am wondering if this has anything to do with combining devices under HVAC.

Possibly. I do have 2 devices combined for my dryer. I was actually wondering the same thing myself.

I think in both cases you should reach out to Support. This is definitely abnormal.

Would you clarify if this “merged” devices done by yourself or “combined” by Sense?

I merged them myself. I’m pretty sure it’s a high and low heating element. When I had dryer 1 and dryer 2 separate, dryer 1 would come on for a while and then turn off and then dryer 2 would cycle on and off.

I also merged the devices myself. I believe Sense identified the compressor and blower but I merged them into a single device.