Browser issues

When I look at my now data on my computer browser it appears to be inaccurate and the bubbles are frozen. It’s been about a week since I’ve looked at this and I figured it would have fixed itself by now. Anyone else having this issue?

Okay so after I checked my usage on my computer I went to my phone to get a picture showing that it is working fine on my phone but I guess it migrated to my phone as well.

Okay well I was able to go into the dryer settings and reported it as not on and it went away so both the browser and the app are correct now.

How many of those bubbles are actual Sense detections?

Just getting the simple things out of the way: have your tried force refreshing, clearing your cache, and a different browser?

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I did with no luck and I did this for my computer and my phone. I did go back to my computer later last night and when I checked the device tab it was all messed up and showed about half of my devices as on even though they weren’t but showed everything correctly in my app on my iPhone. I’m not overly concerned about it because I rarely use my computer to look at usage and almost always use my iPhone or iPad

I would definitely suggest writing into Support about those issues. I’ve heard others mention the “devices showing as On” in the web app issue but have never seen it myself. That should definitely get reported to Support.

Only dryer, always on and master bath fan are not running on a smart plug BUT HVAC, refrigerator and my washing were all detected by sense and I only added the smart plugs to get a more accurate report from those devices as well as to help supply Sense with more data to help them out as well which helps the sense community in turn.

In find that my browser (Chrome in Windows 10) often doesn’t display updated or accurate info when I look back at it after a while. Reloading the page typically solves the problem.

I’m using chrome and windows 10 as well and tried reloading the page and even clearing the cache files but nothing was working. I was able to report through the app that the oven wasn’t on and it went away on the phone app as well as in the browser.