03/21 website not responding

Trying to pull up some information from yesterday by login in with my desktop browser:

I logged out and back in again: still the same

Status.sense.com doesn’t show anything

Same on my android app

I was able to pull up the historic information from yesterday:

So the situation is 100% opposite from last time:
Then current info was available but no historic info.
Now historic is available but no current info.

And again the checking software once again doesn’t know the system is down.

According to the historical overview Sense has had 100% uptime over the last 3 months

I know better than that.
I wish someone at Sense would feel this needs to improve.

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And now it is working again for me on both desktop browser and android app.


And the official reply from support:

Why do I even bother to make them aware something was wrong.

It simply isn’t worth the effort.
Nobody seems to be interested except 1 support person.
But he can’t carry the whole weight of the organisation.

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Hi Danny,
I looked into the issue, and it looked like, in our backend, the “time to bubbles” metric spiked for a very brief amount of time and then returned to the bassline. I am not sure why this was, but it’s possible you were caught up in it.
I alerted folks internally, and it seems things are ok now and the bubbles should be loaded with a backend latency of about… 2 seconds.

Let me know if you see anything different. I have not heard any reports on this issue, and it seems to have resolved itself before much else started. So, this may be why the support agent was confused.
When we can’t confirm the issue ourselves and have not heard anything from anyone else, we frequently ask for more information so we can better investigate.

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I posted my first response at 7:41AM

Directly after posting my first at 7:41AM I opened support ticket.

At 8:33 am I posted that it was working again.

By the time I got a response from “support” hours had passed.
They could have seen that I posted it was working again.

Did they even try and read what the customer was saying/reporting ?

They are in a low wage country, they don’t care.

And I shouldn’t be caring either.

@JamesDrewAtSense You are the only person at Sense that shows/shares incentive to look at it from the customers experience.
I glanced over some of the linkedin of the rest of the staff and they claim they are interested in the customer experience.
They never post, they never respond.
You should ask for a pay raise, you are truly the only person I respect at sense at the moment.


I also experienced an issue with things loading. I was basically asleep as the time, wanted to check if something was on, it didn’t load, so I checked using the Kasa app and went back to bed. by the time I really woke up it loaded normally.

I don’t expect the initial support agents to know much of anything. They mainly do intake working off a tree. If they had more ability, they would have more ability to really screw things up. Knowing how fragile Sense’s backend is and how it’s impossible to revert most anything. It’s a good thing they are limited.

JamesDrew really digs in to investigate, get answers and resolve.
He knows the product, cares and has been given the ability to care about users like us. He is one of the only ones actively advocating for us individual users and does a damn good job trying.

Most others at Sense (nearly everyone) are assigned to appeasing the investors and board members. Investors wouldn’t have invested hundreds of millions into Sense and Sense wouldn’t be spending tens of thousands lobbing if there wasn’t more money in the utility and data collection segments. In the grand scheme of things we are like a beta.
Can’t really blame the way things are going or how development into our product has seemingly completely stalled. Feeling disappointed certainly we can…


Spring Break… Danny… Gerry

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