Web Connection Down?

Has anyone else noticed that Sense is not visible on the PC website? Mine’s been down since early this morning, but the app on my tablet still works.

Hmmm. home.sense.com is working for me this morning. And status.sense.com is showing good, low API response times. Have you tried logging out and back in ?

Crisis over! Somehow my tech advisor (my wife) clicked somewhere, did something, and presto it works. Sorry for annoying the forum with this.

Good morning Kevin, thank you for the answer.
I read with great interest your post “Five things to know…” Wow, such in depth info.

Thank you again!
Cheers, Fred

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H @fred2g

The web version of the Sense app can be tricky, especially when looking at the power meter. Generally, I would advise looking at the Mobile version first to get the most information and easiest user experience. However, I understand that the web is also important for viewing it on a larger screen and exporting data.

Therefore, if you’re having trouble with Sense loading, generally, you should continue to refresh the page and wait a while. Sometimes, it can be a little slow, but it should eventually load. Sometimes, you might have to refresh it more than once.

You can also clear your cash and cookies for https://home.sense.com. To do this, you can review this site: How to Clear Cookies for a Specific Site

If you use a specific browser that isn’t mentioned there and have trouble, you can either search “how to clear cache and cookies for [browser name] for a specific site” or mention it here, and I can look into helping you.

Thanks again, and let me know how I can help.

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