Doesn't make sense


Any Idea as to the cause of this; an unconfirmed appliance called heat2 is on nearly all the time. It accounts for 35% of my usage. but when you look at total usage it doesn’t add up. The meter reads 695 and the bubbles total 1,441.

I’d post a screen shot, but I don’t see that this message board will let me. -

edit - Thanks to Jason for pointing me to the upload arrow.


Right in the middle of all the icons is an inbox looking thing with an arrow pointing up. That will let you upload.


Thank you!


Sometimes Sense will categorize it incorrectly. It is giving a best guess on the data it collected. If you know what it is, you can rename it and make it right. This helps with building the database. It might take a little to identify it. I have walked around and turned things on and off and even flipped breakers to narrow it down. And then you might want to merge items that have different components.


Lots of good folks in here that want to help and are good resources. We (they) have probably gone through what you are seeing.


I don’t know why it happens but I have seen this on the web app where the numbers to the left update and the bubbles do not. For me, the numbers matched with a refresh to the screen. Doesn’t happen all the time. Not sure what triggers it but you know that it is happening when the bubbles remain static and the the left numbers change. This never happens on the phone app. One of things that I miss on the phone app is the overlay of the solar vs usage. Web app will not overlay the two. Post back if the refresh doesn’t fix it. If it does, probably should report to tech support.


Web app often needs manual refreshing, for a number of reasons throughout. Web apps are FAR easier to build properly than smart phone apps, to say nothing of the incompatibilities between smart phones…even those from the same manufacturer. So it’s kind of surprising that Sense seems to be having so many bugs in the web app. Perhaps it’s because it was an afterthought and still seems to be somewhat of an orphan.

I’ve never seen any of these problems in the Droid app, which seems solid and petty much bug free. Whenever I see something funny in the web app, I always cross check with my phone.


I just chatted with our main Web App dev and this is a known issue that he’s working on. It’s only related to Web App and has nothing to do with any issues on mobile. In many cases, a manual browser refresh can fix it, as @markhovis73 noted.

And yes, the Web App is a bit buggier. It’s still a relatively new product for us and we’re still working out the kinks, but we’re making a concerted effort to get it up to par with mobile. The Power Meter was a long, complex job, but now that it’s behind us (there’s still some revisions coming, but the core of the project is complete), we should be able to make some good progress in the coming months.


The power meter is a HUGE step forward, mainly because of the large screen capabilities on the web, and much appreciated. Spreading an image across 23” is far better than 2.5”.


Good Morning Ryan!

Here are some screen shots from the mobile app on my iPhone 6 this morning:

BTW this is my second Sense device. I had nine months of data on the first one, but it did not survive the last firmware upgrade. So, now I’m starting over again. So far this device has been slower to find appliances than the first one. I really wish this worked better.


That’s a helpful comment regarding the slowness. I installed my first Sense device a month ago this Saturday and am unpleasantly surprised at the small number of devices that it has identified thus far. I only have 6 explicitly identified devices found. I have an LG mini split AC unit that I turn on daily and sense still has yet to identify it. It still shows up in the big ‘Other’ bubble when I turn it on.


Six devices found in the first month is MUCH faster than some of us have experienced. I’m only about 10, and some of those not reliably, after 17 months


Just put some feelers out with the team here to see if there’s anything weird going on at our end.


Wow. Not trying to over simplify the technology that I don’t have an education or background to understand on a detailed level, but the perception of time required to identify devices and really get a clear sense of what is happening in my home is completely disconnected from the reality. I guess I should be glad that it’s happening more quickly for me? The inability to aid in the process identifying devices is another disconnect; or maybe I’m just missing something.


I’ve had the same issue with the IOS APP since you originally went live. The wattage in the bubbles has never matched the actual usage.