Odd numbers - bubble vs total

Odd readings today. The actual # of solar and usage in the upper right do not match the usage in the bubbles. not an intermittent thing… will last for a while. Win10/web app

Solar looks like it matches. If there’s a mismatch between Total Usage and the usage bubbles, as there is in your case, it’s almost always the bubbles that are wrong, especially if Other is missing. A missing Other typically means your other is really negative - your total usage of all detected devices is greater than your actual measured Total Usage. Possible culprits:

  • a lying bubble - One that shows as on, where the actual device has turned off and Sense missed the off-signature.
  • duplicate bubbles - From using a smartplug and a native detection both detecting the same device, without the device “plugged into” the smartplug set, to avoid double counting.
  • an exaggerating bubble - a bubble that is larger than the actual detection or math at the moment. For instance if you have a large downward change in your underlying always on usage ( you turn off that pump that was running continuously), Sense will take a while before it revises Always On downward, even though the actual has changed.
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Thx. I should add I am not seeing this on the Android app. Just the web

That would be unusual since both the web app and Android are both viewing the same information back at the Sense mothership. Still, it could be a UI issue as you suggest. If you do see the disparity again and it truly is different on Android and the web at the exact same moment, take screenshot of both and let support@sense.com know.

I saw a similar thing on iOS this morning. The water heater bubble was on showing a usage of 4.5KW but the total house usage was 1.2KW. The timeline showed the water heater had turned off a few minutes earlier. I had to force quit the app to get the display to be correct. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to get a screenshot but should it recur I’ll try to grab one.

Have seen that too