Can Someone Please Make “Sense” Of This?

4,500 + 4,500 + 1,400 = 1914 :man_shrugging:t3:

New Math?

Seems like two things:

  • missed off signatures for both the water heater and the AC
  • Always On uses the 1% bin of the whole house usage for the past 48 hours, so it will only reduce gradually. It might be helpful if you post your main Power Meter usage waveform for the past 48 hours, since Always On will kind of follow the near lowest point over the past 48 hours (it will actually, by definition be the value of 1,728th smallest half second interval over 48 hours)

No, it didn’t miss the off signatures. Clearly shows it detected it.

Likewise, still doesn’t make 4,500+4,500 = 1,913

Definitely a divergence between the Bubbles and the Timeline for the AC and Water Heater. It would be helpful to see a close-in view on this set of events (5PM-5:30PM) in the Power Meter, and a 48 hour view.

It’s been laundry day since early afternoon if wondering what the strange top cycles are.

Thank @Beachcomber, pretty clear from the evidence that the Timeline is doing a better than the Bubbles. I would contact on that one. Also looks like your Always On is about right. There can be short periods of time when your Total Usage is less than the Always On at the moment due to the 48 hour historic nature of Always On.

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+1 for @kevin1 suggestions here.

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