Sometimes devices turn on but don't appear on anywhere

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this mentioned by a couple of other users, but I can’t find the posts. I’ve got a few screenshots to help illustrate the problem I see.

Lately, Sense has been getting Stove 2 (the big eye on the stove) conflated with my dryer so I have it set to notify me when it turns on. I’ll get the notification that Stove 2 has turned on, but when I look in Now or when I look in devices, it doesn’t show as on. This means I can’t report a problem > this device is not on. Here you can see that Stove 2 turned on at 8:54 and the current time is 8:55.

Here is 3 minutes later. The current time is 8:58 and at 8:57, Sense said Stove 2 turned off. I can go to devices and open Stove 2 and it’ll say Off for 2 minutes. But if I look at the device power meter, it doesn’t show anything at all.

This only happens when the dryer is on. If we are using the larger eye on the stove, then Stove 2 will function just like I expect it to.

This happens for other devices too. Sometimes when I turn my PS4 on (which is plugged into an HS300) Sense thinks my washing machine turned on. It’ll tell me it’s on, but there is no bubble and it’s not on in the device list. A few minutes later Sense will alert me that the washer has turned off.

Sense has a native detection for both my laser printer and my instant pot. Pretty much every time I go to print something, Sense thinks my pressure cooker turns on. I think the printer warming up the fuser must look similar to the pressure cooker. One it’s done warming up, the pressure cooker turns off and the printer turns on. But during this couple minute period that Sense thinks my pressure cooker is on, once again there is no bubble in Now and it doesn’t show as on in Devices.

My wish list feature that could help fix this problem: Allow us to report a device as not on after the fact. I know there are always requests to let us “teach” Sense and I understand why that’s not really feasible. But it would be great if we could give the ML algorithm some feedback. Really… both ways would work. In the Now section we could press and hold on a device in the timeline and tell it “yes, this device was in fact on” or “no, this device was not on”.

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I finally found another thread about this from Nov 2019 (in which I also posted in). So it seems this issue has been around in some form for a while at least.

Hey @waterboysh - thanks for sharing. I think I may have seen this in my home as well, going to try and replicate it today. Have you already submitted a support ticket with

Just submitted. I hope “read this community forum post” is fine for a description :slight_smile:

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This is still a problem for me. No movement on the support case I opened.

Here’s another example I was able to capture. This time with a device the Sense detects reliably 100% of the time - my water heater. I noticed this purely by accident because I have my water heater set to not give me a notification and to not show in the timeline. So I bet this happens with other devices too.

I just happened to open the app and see a large “Other” bubble and was wondering what could possibly by using that much power.

So I decided to look in the power meter to see if anything stood out to me. Yup, it definitely looks like the water heater. My wife had just started diaper laundry, which has to be washed with hot water. We normally use cold water when running the washer.

So then I went to the device list and opened up the water heater. Sure enough, Sense just says “off” but without saying how long it’s been off for. This was at 12:56pm.

Five minutes later, I check the power meter again. It definitely looks like the water heater has turned off.

So I went back to the device list and opened the water heater again. Sense now says the water heater has been off for 2m 34s.

I didn’t think to check the device power meter while the water heater was on but Sense was showing it off, but it was either working or Sense filled it back in later because here’s what it looks like now.

A quick point: One might think a possible cause is that Sense missed the on signature, but saw the off signature, and then went back and filled the data in. This is possible, and because I didn’t have notifications set for the water heater I’ll never know. But, for my “Stove 2” that turns on when the dryer is running, I’ll get a notification that it turned on and then several minutes later get a notification that it turned off. I don’t think it’s missing the on signature.

I want to revisit this topic. I still have this issue. I had contacted support, and they said they adjusted something, but nothing really changed. When my dryer comes on, Stove 2 will turn on, then 5 - 10 minutes later it turns off, but during this period there is no bubble for it and it doesn’t show as on under devices.

This device detection seems to work 100% of the time with my stove though (it’s the larger eye). So it really leaves me with 2 options, both of which I feel are not optimal.

  1. I want to be able to report issue > this device is not on when Stove 2 is triggered by the dryer. However, I can’t do that. So I could rename it to Dryer 2 and start reporting the device as not on when the Stove runs instead, since that part seems to be working. Then hope Sense will eventually find a separate device for the large eye on the stove.
  2. I could just delete the device and hope that Sense later finds 2 separate devices.

My issue is not really with the “false detection”. My problem is that Sense thinks the device is on but doesn’t give me a way to tell it otherwise. I’m not really sure what the best course of action is.

I just asked for an update on the ticket I have open with Sense support on this issue. If you want to open a ticket and reference mine, the number is 159162.