Stove shows on but actually off driving usage up

Today, for some reason my Stove keeps showing as “On” when it is actually off. I can make the bubble go away for a few minutes by actually turning on the stove and then back off, but then a few minutes later, it comes back. See screen shots of it being “on” but not on and the wattage not adding up. Also, this is a merged device as it was detecting burners as different devices, just calling that out.


No “Other” and the Stove bubble grater than the Total Usage (368W), tells me that Sense is seeing an Stove “on” transition or something it thinks is a Stove “on” transition, but is missing the “off” transition.

It appears that Sense never received the “signature” or something like that, for the stove going off. I could trick it by turning the stove on low and letting the burner cycle once or twice and then turning it off. At this point, the circle would go away, but it would come back after 5-15 minutes. Ultimate fix was to power cycle sense module, and by default the stove as I think I have them piggy back on same breaker. Fixed now. (wish I could go in and edit usage for yesterday, looks like the stove was on for 8 hours straight)