Burner bubble won't go away

Sense had identified my left front electric burner so turned it on briefly to verify then turned it off once the bubble appeared. The problem is that the bubble remained on for a full 10 minutes, recording 2 watts of energy being used when it was obviously turned off. This makes me seriously question the accuracy of Sense’s monitoring of all my devices.

@teach-1, that can easily happen. Sense sometimes can miss on and off-signatures (short 1/2 second transitions) that tell it when a device turns on or off. Even more likely when you flip it on then off again in a way that it is not normally used. There are tools for giving Sense feedback when it does get it wrong - if something still shows as on when it has turned off, you can tell that device that “Device is not on” via the Manage tab.

I would also add that when things like this happen, it is possible for the stats for THAT device to be a little off, but overall, Sense is always tracking and reporting real power stats based on the main CT’s. So even if your burner stayed on at 1000w for 10 hours when it wasn’t really on, your overall usage would still be correct.
I also kind of think there is a cleanup routine that may run when Sense decided to turn something off based on a timeout, vs a detected off. I have no hard evidence of this but based on some of my devices that sometimes miss the “off”, their overall usage stats don’t seem to line up with the missed offs. (in a good way).

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Some of this I’ve found can be the actual internet connection. When the local sense sees it, it goes up to the servers, then back to the display.
It doesn’t know how to account for a y time lag.