sense sensing item that isn't turned on

sense is sensing a room heater that is phsically turned off.

@dick810, if you are seeing a coinciding on and off transition in the main Power Meter, it’s something real. If you are seeing a heater device turning on and off in the bubbles, that you have kept off, Sense is likely conflating some other device on/off with your previously detected heater.

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This seems to happen a lot, especially with the improved algorithm that dropped a while back.

I had an air fryer that was ~1400W… It was reliably detected. My diswasher/its heating element was also reliably detected (about ~1000W).

Recently, when I turn my air fryer on, it sometimes shows the 1000W dishwasher bubble and 400 to the other bubble

It probably has a similar signature or something. Support is usually good at working with you - either tweaking the models or having you remove a device and have it re-detect it

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