Incorrect bubbles/ bubbles staying on

Anyone else ever have this issue? I’ll have my sense meter show that my stove was on all day or my AC… the bubble will show ~1850 watts but then it’s not added into the wattage. Then when that item does come on- it shows up as other. Only way to get it off is to turn the breaker off/ on. If I don’t reset it, it will show my stove was 357% of today’s usage. I’ve deleted several devices that starts doing this but it just keeps finding a new item for it to pick.

Does the bubble turning on correspond to real device activity, at least some of the time (do you have a stove and AC) ? Sense will sometimes get good at detecting the on-signature of a device, but fail / miss the off-signature leaving the bubble stuck on until the device times out. And sometimes Sense will get an on-signature wrong and have a spurious detection. In both cases, you have an additional option - go to the device in the device list that is stuck on, then go to the settings icon (gear in the upper right). Select the manage tab for that device, then hit “Report a Problem”. That will give you “Device is Not On” as an option. Hit that a few times when the bubble gets stuck on and you are likely to get a much better result than by deleting the device each time, or restarting your Sense.


Yes, I have a stove and AC in my devices. The wattage is normally constant with the wattages the device uses. Currently it randomly shows my stove, which hasn’t been on today. My always on is currently 161… it shows stove 1286 which would be 1447 watts. But it shows my total wattage as 458 watts. Which I would say is correct, I have a porch lights, and my TV on… I click the energy meter (bar graph) everything looks correct. I click on home- sense energy meter… the 2 mains.added is 458. I also went to my stove , reported problem, device not on and the bubble is still up. Not sure if I should see it turn off that quickly or not.

Once you click “Device is Not On”, you should see a confirming message box, as I remember it. The bubble should disappear within a few seconds.

Ok, it did go off after a few. Which I’m sure you are correct about that being better than Restarting the meter. I just assumed that was for false ons and not for when the bubbles don’t add up and the sense has the devise stuck on.


Glad I could help. One question for you - The explanation of the multiples cases of when to use “Device is Not On” is in that 2017 blog, and maybe someplace in Wondering where you would have expected to look to find that info.

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) in
  • The new Learn feature in the Sense app
  • Somewhere else ?
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In the article, it just say the when the “detections are inaccurate”. I’m kinda assuming that’s when my 1500 watt toaster is popping up when I turn on my 1500 watt coffee pot. This is more like a 2.898 watt bubble is stuck on as AC but my total wattage is 428. I have reported the “AC - as not on” about 5 times today and it has had no effect on the bubble and its reporting that my AC used 97kWh today at 488% of my total usage (19.9kwh). My thermostat app shows the total runtime was 1 hour (3-ton -single stage compressor merged with air-handler). Also when you tell sense the device is not on it no longer gives you a “are you sure”…It pops up a “success- thank you for your feedback” My bubble does NOT go away. Even when the AC cycles on then back off … it’s actually showing my AC is drawing 7,800 watts When it’s actually on and it’s on a 20amp breaker (4.400w)

I did figure out part of this out. I have my “air handler” merged with “AC” . Once I unmerged them it showed the air handler on. I reported this device as not being on and the bubble instantly turned off. So when you merge a device and you are reporting an issue with it, you are only reporting the primary device and not other devices merged with it.


Good discovery. I tend not to merge different components of the same device for that, as well as a couple other reasons.

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