Detected Device Bubble(s) not showing up


So one of the devices that Sense has detected is (part of) my refrigerator. It nicely shows in the timeline that it turns on, but then it doesn’t display a bubble for it in the bubble screen? It has been very good about detecting the refrigerator going on and off (you can see an “off” event a little further down in the list), so I would think it should be able to show the “bubble” for it as well between the “on” and “off” events!?. This was working fine a while ago, but no longer seems to be the case.

Here’s a screenshot:


So this was on the PC view. One I opened up my app on my phone everything seemed to “synchronize” and it’s all showing up correctly now!? This is super weird.


I too have noticed on the web view (through a PC) that the bubbles get out of sync on occasion, and a bubble doesn’t appear (or disappear) when it should. Re-loading the page seems to sync everything up.


That’s a new one to me. Let me ask around.


try hitting the refresh on your PC


I dont think this is limited to just the PC.

I had it happen on the ipad app. My furnace kicked on, it appeared on the timeline but no bubble ever appeared. Under Devices, you could see the power was being correctly apportioned to the furnace. There was just no bubble for it.

To take this up another notch, later on, every time the furnace kicked on, the bubble for the Dehumidifier would sometimes appear. The Time line says furnace, Devices says furnace, bubble said Dehumidifier.

It’s only happened once and I cant recreate it.


If it happens again, can you do your best to document and submit a ticket to