Quirk with new detected device


OK, so I am about a month in and have 8 detected device, not going to get into the rate of detection just some quirks I have noticed and would appreciate any feedback that can be offered.

My first detected device was one leg of my heat pump condensing unit within 1 day of installation. I contacted support and was told give it time the other leg will be detected eventually. Just seems strange that it can identify one leg of the device so quick and hasn’t sorted out the other identical leg yet.

My last detection was the stove which turned out to be one burner, I’m fine with that . The problem or quirk is that when in accurately detects that burner it also hijacks the “Other” so stove shows up at 625 watts and other disappears then when I shut off the stove Sense still shows wattage listed for stove for about 5 minutes then stove disappears and other returns.

Any ideas



Try using the “device is not on” reporting feature when the stove has turned off but is still showing on.


240V devices can be a bit tricky. It should definitely pick up that other leg in time.

The stove issues seems pretty weird, if I’m understanding you correctly. So, when the burner is on, it gets detected as a stove but your other bubble disappears and all that wattage goes into the stove bubble? Have you written into Support about that one? I’m at a loss there…that’s very strange.


Sounds like you understand, just to clean it up a bit. When the “Stove” comes on it absorbs the wattage from the “Other” bubble and then when the stove goes off the wattage in the “Stove” bubble stays the same for several minutes then the “Stove” bubble disappears and the “Other” bubble comes back with wattage readings that appear normal.
I will check again and if it is still doing it will contact support.



Will do, thanks