New User Device Detection of One Leg only



As the subject states I am a new user of Sense. I installed just last Thursday and received the first detection of the Heat Pump condensing unit Friday evening followed by the Water Heater last night.
Although I am excited that the identification process has begun, I have a concern. Both devices that were discovered are only reporting one leg of the wattage or half in the named device. The other half of the wattage is being shown as Other.
As I am new my question is if this is something that time will correct or is it indicating a problem with the collection of data from one leg of my power?
What if any action should I take at this time?

Thanks in advance


In the Sense App, goto Settings, My Home, Sense Monitor.
Did you see both legs wattage?
If not, here’s some troubleshooting:
You may have to adjust one clamp. Make sure they always face-up the same way.
Want to test if you have a bad clamp or cable? Swap sensor clamps between mains. Same way they already face up.
Is one clamp faced down?
Before anything… Take a picture of the present clamp locations so you get them back where they started, in case they’re installed ok.


Thanks for the quick response. I am reading wattage on both legs, this accounts for the other half of the 240V devices wattage being shown in the Other category.
Clamps are installed per installation instructions (even though I don’t see why it would make a difference. saying this based on many years of using an amprobe in troubleshooting HVAC systems) However I think your suggestions of switching probes will determine if the problem follows the probe, good idea. I’ll try it and see what happens.


Here are the screen shots of my wattage on each leg and the device


Still no detections from the other leg? Judging from your signals, things look ok…but that doesn’t tell everything. You should reach out to and you continue to not see detections on the other legs. Do keep in mind that device detection can be a somewhat slow process, so it may also just be coincidental that you haven’t had any detections from the other leg.


Thanks Ryan, good news at least for my water heater. Seems like it picked up the other leg late last night. Now if I could get it to stop confusing my coffee maker with the range and cappuccino machine.
I had put a ticket into support over the weekend and they said that the one leg detection is normal in the beginning and basically just to be patient.
Might not be a bad idea to put some of these more common issues on a sticky for new users like myself. All in all my experience so far has been very favorable, seems to averaging a detection a day so I am off to a good start.