Unbalanced Loads on the Two Legs

Though the interface does not say, I assume these two columns are for each leg of the power mains. What you see here is typical for my usage. Lots of load on the one leg and very little on the other. I can only assume this is a bad thing. Does this have any bearing on device detection? I got the fridge, microwave and some of the heater in the first few days. Now it’s been several days since any new device was detected.


Yeah that’s very unusual to have that big of a difference. I guess it could have some bearing on device detection as your one leg is likely to have a lot more “noise” so it’ll be harder for Sense to detect devices on that leg. Is there just 1 specific device that accounts for most of that usage on that one leg? Something that runs all/most of the time? I’ve seen differences in mine, but not more than a couple 100 W when my family is home and lots of things are running. During the day when we’re all gone, both my legs are < 100 Watts.

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Mine are never close to balanced. They get further apart when big ticket items are running, i.e. pool pump and AC.



When I screen-capped this, the heater was running. Sense hasn’t yet detected the blower fan and that’s a chunk of it. What I don’t understand is why the heater uses so much other electricity. It’s a gas heater. Sense has detected two heat sources related to the heater, but has not yet detected the blower.

Right now, the heater is off:


My pool pump and saltwater generator just kicked in. Both are 230 volts.


The panel is likely to always be out of balance as they never know what devices will be on when they lay it out. Obviously they are aware of big things, but no one knows if you will be having two hair dryers running at once in different bathrooms on the same leg of power. That alone could show almost 3,000 watts on one leg and nothing on another.

Thanks. I have since discovered that pretty much the entire upstairs is on that second leg. Most of the time nothing is happening there (I live by myself). So when I’m downstairs, it’s probably just the alarm clock and some power bricks drawing that nominal current.

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