Conflicting, erratic information in "Now" view

This is a weird one…

For the last several days, the “Now” view has been showing a “Stove 2” device running at 1902 W more often than not. For starters, we do not have two stoves. We have one gas stove in the whole house. Secondly, and more strangely, the math isn’t adding up at all.

Take a look at the following screen shot…

If the house is only using 833 W, how can “Stove 2” be using 1902 W. Has to be a software glitch of some kind.

How do I correct this? Can I?

I have to say, we’ve had Sense installed for ~2.5 months now and, I swear, the information it’s giving us gets more erratic and confusing every day. Until recently, I felt like it was at least giving us reliable whole-home energy usage data. Now this “Stove 2” thing has thrown that into question. Please advise.


Ok that is weird. Do you have an actual stove2 in your device list? Could it be another electrical appliance that was auto-named incorrectly? I see you have a heater.

I recall when my dishwasher first got discovered, two dishwashers devices got detected and alternated on/off depending on the part of the cycle that was being run. The very next day, I noticed the bubble consumption was more than the whole-house consumption. It’s the only time I noticed it and it seemed the bubble was lagging a little.

Hi there, thanks a lot for reporting this. What is happening here is that this device isn’t turning off in the app, when it really is off. This means that the total wattage is correct, but the bubble for the device is not.
This is a known bug that we are in the process of fixing. I will let the engineering team know that you are also experiencing this issue! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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