First time i've noticed anything like this happening, but seems to be falling into my feeling of sense getting 'fuzzy'

This morning, i’m jumping onto sense, planning to get to sense community but I land on the web sense monitoring page instead.

Interestingly enough it shows my Kitchen Microwave running at 1970W… I just so happen to be working in the kitchen, and I know the Microwave is NOT running.

It was running a few minutes before, but it was off for sure.

At the time my Home AC was running , and in ‘stage 1’ ( full power mode) , always on, other, fridge, and of course, Solar.

SENSE did not show my Home AC at all, i’m guessing that SENSE was splitting the power that was being used between OTHER and the Microwave.

What I don’t know is if my Office AC was on, in either full or low power mode, but the total wattage seems about right for my Home AC on full, which runs between 4000-5000W.

I haven’t had the opportunity to catch what SENSE is doing when the Microwave comes on and whether or not that causes mixed signals/detections and logging.

I’ve been commenting about SENSE being fuzz on detecting/logging the usage of my Home and Office AC units, and now the Microwave is getting into the mix.

Do other people experience this as well, that is certain devices causing a mixup/overlap of detection and logging?

It does this often. Something to do with device signatures and if they turn on or off at about the same time. Had that happen with a washer. Deleted it and let it refind it.
Now the electric stove is doing that.
Each element will show up as itself and you can then merge them.
In this case the right rear and left front single burner show as the same thing. Presumable same wattage. With that you can merge and it’s ok being in the same appliance. It’s it when it’s two different things that it gets annoying.