Sense seems to be confused

The past week Sense starting showing my Stove Top turning on every 50 minutes and staying on for 4 minutes 24 hours per day. Have no idea what;s going on. Anyone have a simular issue?

My guess is that Sense in conflating your stove detection with a hot water tank element. 4 min every hour sounds about right to keep a tank hot.

What’s the “Stove Top” wattage that is being shown?

Do you have an electric hot water tank?

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My hot water heater is gas.
Wattage shows 2052 watts

So do you see these 2,052 watt peaks every 50 min in your main waveform?

4 min at 2,052W 26 times per day = 3.6 kWh/day so worth tracking down!

In the 2,000W realm electric radiant floor heat is a good candidate this time of year. @kevin1 has done a nice capture in the Device Library … although the regularity of your “Stove Top” may lends itself to something else. Try and rule out all the things with thermostats.

I have been able to track anything down. I have added nothing or made any changed to my power grid since this has started. I’m beginning to think it does not really exist. When I use me Stove Top, Sense detects it normally. I’m thinking of deleteing it to see if it returns.

Look in the main Power Meter when other usage activity in the house is low or at least more quiet. A 4 min 2000W uptick, then downtick every 5min should be pretty visible in the mix at least at some point in the day. If you see it in the main power meter, it’s real.