Help with a strange detection, times on and usage

I have a new detection. Sense named it heat 4 and I went to the device page to take a look. I figured I might figure be able to identify by viewing the usage pattern. When I look at day by day all the screens are blank, like it didn’t come on. So I then view it by week and it shows it been on and off like 142 times and used for over an hour altogether.
It’s weird that this was even detected because it’s of low use or that’s what it looks like but by week it’s a different story.
I’ve got a couple screenshots, maybe some of you can help make sense of this? Am I missing something?
The screenshots are of last week, this week, the day showing most use and the next day and that’s what most look like. There are only three days showing use at all for two both weeks

sometimes when you get a detection and the data may not be complete, it may take a day or a few for the history to fill in… this is normal as your data is being looked through by systems that are off site (internet)…

for me, a device that looks really close to this pattern, was my ice maker heater… if your frig has in-door water and ice, it has a heater that loosens the ice from tray during the drop cycle… I confirmed mine by emptying the ice bucket and seeing it come on every hour for nearly 14hrs to refill bucket…

another method is to turn on push notifications and see what is on when you get notified…

this is the part where you have to get inventive with discovery and you will learn alot about all the cycles your devices/appliances have in your home…


Although it can be challenging and a bit confusing, I do enjoy it.
I’m amazed at how entertaining it is to see what’s happening in real time with my electricity usage.
It could be the same thing from my fridge as it has a total of 11 devices in it.
1 compressor
2 compressor fan
3 blending fan for inside fridge/freezer
4 blend door actuator
5 ice maker heater
6 control board
7 fridge light
8 freezer light
9 water dispenser pump
10 actuator to raise ice level bar for dumping
11 motor that turns ice dumping mechanism
Oh, here is another
12 actuator valve for filling of ice maker.
Some of these work together and others separate. My fridge has been detected but judging by the wattage it’s the compressor and the corresponding cooling fan. They come on together so it’s recognized as one device.
The ice makers on a freezer are usually preset by number of cycles, mine is six. Each sixth time the compressor turns off, ice dumps and starts again. It makes more ice the more times the door is opened or the house is warmer.
Thanks, you’ve always got great information to share andits appreciated.

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