Heat 4: infrequent and short duration

Hey folks, any suggestions for this one?

It comes on once per day (but not every day) for 2 minutes or less. It uses around 1250W. Here’s a close up:

Does t appear to be at the same time every day or when it does run, is that correct?
Appears as a heating element of some kind.

It is not the same time every day. It has run late at night, mid morning, mid evening, etc. what heat device would be so infrequent?

That’s how my fridge defrost runs but is only 450 watts. And the cycle is from 11-18 minutes

If you could catch it while it’s on and look at your mains you could narrow down whether it’s a 120 or 240 device. I’m guessing it’s 120 bit could be wrong

An you stretch out that wave all the way? Looks like it’s running longer than 2 minutes and curious about the tiny spike right after startup.

Could be a defrost cycle on a fridge but unlikely because it’s not long enough or often enough. Or could be a test by the heating system. My newish HVAC does a test every day. I think it’s checking flow rates, filters etc.

Good catch. The closeup I posted above is 10 minutes. It must have known I was watching it.

All the others I’ve seen are under 2 minutes.

Ive noticed Sense does a really good job of enunciating small changes in the graph as it scales. The fact that I can still see a 2 minute blip on a scale of multiple days, or that the little increase shown in the zoomed in picture at startup shows as a little spike when I zoom out a bit, are both very helpful in the display.

I wasn’t sure if what looked like ten minutes was a one time thing or if it was consioand you didn’t realize how much it was possible to zoom.
It just happening for that long once makes it odd as it has a cycle that seems out of place now.
Yes, it knew you were watching!

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What does this mean? How does it work? This device is still a mystery and has been off almost 6 days.

I’m currently investigating what might be my ice maker and/or defrost. It’s 165W and ran 4 minutes every hour the other night.

Let’s say a device is on and you can see that it is on the timeline.
Go to settings- MY home - Sense monitor.
Look at the mains and see what the wattage being used on each side is and notate.
Then go back to timeline or just watch from that page waiting for a notification for the device to turn off. When it does check the wattage on the mains and see if the wattage dropped on one side or on both sides (if both, will be half). If it drops only on one side then it’s 120, on north it’s 240.
The only two problems is it’s time consuming and it another device cycles at the same time

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What does it mean for a device to be 120 or 240? Is it the size of the breaker?

When you look at a single breaker, those are 120 volts. They have one hot wire and a neutral wire.
A double breaker is 240 volts. It has 2 hot wires and can have but does t necessarily have a neutral.
The respectables in your walls have 3 prongs. The left is always (or should be) neutral and the right is hot.

Inside your panel when the cover is off, you will see the breaker at the top which is 200 amps. There are two screw lugs for wires to fit in. Both of those are your hot wires, each carrying 120 volts. Each single breaker is getting 120 volts from one of those wires. (What side of the panel the breaker is on does not determine which wire is feeding it). When you see a double breaker, it is being fed by both of those wires so it’s getting 120 twice, creating 240 volts.
120 examples;
Hair dryer, fridge, toaster, anything you plug into a regular 3 prong socket.
240 examples;
Water heater, dryer, can be a 3 prong but shaped differently or a 4 prong plug. These can also be directly wired like water heater or heat pump and air handler.
Breaker size is determined by the needs of whatever the breaker is feeding and wire size.
So you might have a 50 amp for an oven, 30 for a water heater or 20 amp for a dishwasher. Wall receptacles will be fed by 15 or 20 depending on when house was built and how cheap the builder or electrician was.
Long winded, sorry

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