Unknown device pulling 124W

I have a device which pull 124w and is on 9-12 a day. When it was on I flipped all of my breakers, except the breaker sense is on. Does sense use power, if so does it use this much and I would expect sense to be able to detect and tag itself properly? This device was originally detected as Heat I believe

Sense use less than 5 watts
See this page


@samwooly1 is right on with the details re the Sense unit itself.

As for whatever is drawing your 124 watts, are you saying it’s on only from 9 through 12 every day, or on for 9 to 12 hours every day? Just confirming.

Sense uses hardly any power…I measured 4.7 watts

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And, continuous

@andy, I had looked it up and saw the 5 watts but you show 4.7. Are you seeing that because sense detected itself?

Sense doesn’t detect itself. Right now, it doesn’t represent itself as a device neither.

Looking at other possibilities for this is a bad connection in your panel somewhere. Anything after your meter I would assume sense would see.
See this site about what 5 ohms can do
5 ohms roughly is 125 eats at 240 volts.

When I think of a bad connection in panel I’m not just thinking of wiring but a possible bad contact on a breaker.

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No, I’m saw that because I rigged a 110v/220v transformer and used a Kill-a-Watt to measure it. AFIK, Sense doesn’t detect itself (although presumably the 4.7w draw is included in the total).

Note, if you hook Sense to a single phase 110v leg this way it messes up the measurements…so NOT recommended.

OK so this popped as Fridge. Today is consumed 1KwH and was on 12 times for a total of 6 hours based on what sense is telling me. Looks like it powers up to 928-1065w and then drops to around 110w. I have three fridge; two fridge and a wine fridge. But I have unplug all of these and this device will still show as on. I have flipped all my breakers and again it still shows as on.

Again this is a 1 year old house.

Could this be the smart meter?

Any sub panels -anywhere? It’s really easy to overlook something

Way too much for a smart meter or Sense (3-5W continuous at most). Please post a waveform from the Power Meter. Not clear whether you are describing a continuous 9hr waveform or something that is on and off.


Smart meters, including Sense, draw tiny amounts of power…typically under 5 watts.

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It is something that is on and off.

That signature looks like a fridge to me.

Looks like a small pump, perhaps in a timer, to me.

I agree with @frankwin.hooglander
Here is mine. It does look like you might be short cycling where each run cycle is not long but that could be from something like low Freon or just how yours is designed.
Fridge and deep freezer have almost identical compressors. Could be eitsher

Thanks for posting - very interesting waveform. You say it is on, for 9-12 hours per day ?

Ya, that is what sense is telling me, it is on 9-12 times a day

I have individually gone to each of my fridges and turned them off while sense was saying this device was on, and it still stayed on when I turn my fridges off. I have two breaker panels and have flipped all the breakers individually, except the breaker for sense, and sense still showed it on. So this chump is stumped.

@keith_McBride1 is sense in a dedicated breaker/circuit?
I would suggest something based on how I was able to find something similar.
Instead of turning off breakers one at a time. Turn off all except internet and sense.
Then turn one on and watch the timeline.
Only have a single breaker on at any given time.