Unknown device pulling 124W


One problem with manually turning a device off is that the “off” pattern that Sense is looking for may be different when the device is manually turned off vs. when its built-in control system turns it off. The device model is built with the assumption that the control system will be generating the off event. So, if you physically pull the plug on the fridge or turn off the circuit breaker, Sense may “miss” the off event and still display the device as running.

One way to get around this problem is to watch the realtime power meter as you turn the device off manually. If you see a drop in wattage in the power meter that exactly matches the running wattage of the device in question, you’ve probably got a match.

Another way, which is hit or miss, is to turn up the temperature setting on the fridge temporarily until it shuts off. That will likely cause the proper off event to be generated.


Here’s an important thought for you. I don’t know exactly how you did your breaker off experiment, but I don’t think you can count on the bubble to always disappear immediately. Why ? Because the off-pattern for a breaker being turned off might not match to off-pattern of the device actually turning off on its own…

Just noticed @pswired has essentially posted the same thing.


I 100% concur with both @pswired and @kevin1’s comments - I’ve seen it myself where suddenly cutting the power to a device (IE, yanking the plug) can cause Sense to think it’s actually still on since Sense never saw it’s expected “off” signature.

You need to rely on the realtime view (not the device or bubble view) for diagnostic purposes when doing breaker flipping or “unplugging devices” testing like this.


Thanks all for the suggestion, indeed after turning off the wine fridge using the temp setting it triggered it on Sense.

Are there other devices which would be like this. I prefer using the breaker method as I can isolate the device faster but seems like I can not also relay on this.

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This applies to all devices.

I find it’s just easier to set an alert in the Sense app for when an unknown device turns on. Then go over to it each time you get an alert and see if it’s running.


@pswiredthe only problem I’ve had lately with this method is when I have two different devices (fridge and freezer) and one is on but the tags will jump between them.
I’m haveing fridge come on and then freezer turn off. There will not be events for fridge off and freezer on.
I’m relying on your previous suggestion of using the timeline which seems to be more reliable but requires time trial watch.