Ghosted power meter

Anybody else getting “ghosted” data on the power meter after update?

Are you still seeing this or did the firmware fix that @JonahAtSense pushed to you solve it?

The fix was before this showed up. Now I am seeing a 5-10 minute zero baseline when I select the power meter view on the web app then it update for a few seconds and back to flatline for 5-10 minutes and the ghosting is still showing up on the IOS app. Weird. Support is sending new solar clamps but I don’t see how an issue with them could cause this. WiFi signal strength is good so I’m not suspecting dropouts.

I’ve never seen something like this before. I’ll ask the team. Since it’s late on a Friday though I may not hear until next week. I would also suggest reaching out to Support on your own.

I seen the same thing all day on my work computer. My iphone was fine. When I got home a couple of hours ago I don’t see it on my home computer so looks like it’s fixed.

I’m seeing the same issue, but only on IOS devices. Both an iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro.

It works fine on the Android app and also on PC. The really odd thing is that it doesn’t happen all the time.

I’ve put in a ticket (#124661) so the engineering team knows it’s happening but doesn’t have a fix for it yet. It’s been happening more in Dark mode than normal mode, but will happen in both. This is on iOS 12.2, iPhone XS Max, App 26.0-9f52066f build 1365.

I have had this happen many times and have posted and reported to support.
Here is what I think it is:
Too many instances of your Sense account open across devices.
If I have my iPhone, iPad and at least one web browser open at the same time, I get this connect the dots look.
I would usually have an Android device open also and when I went to just one or two, the meter would appear correctly

I don’t think it’s the number of devices. It persists even if only running on a single IOS device for me.

I had to logout of all devices and then back into iPhone.
When I do experience this, the timeline will show correctly for a few seconds upon opening before it changes to the dotted appearance.
I have submitted many tickets for this but where I was the only one, I believe the priority was quite low.
Maybe if you also submit a ticket it will get more attention.
I can say that since using limited devices for viewing, it’s happening a lot less.

Definitely submit a Support ticket if you’re seeing this. I’ve seen it in cases where I have multiple iterations of Sense open on different devices. I’ve never seen it when running on a single device.

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I entered one this morning. Thanks!

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