[BUG]: iOS bug with Devices Power Meter

On an IOS device (Software Version 14.7.1) select a device found by Sense or connected to a smart plug. Scroll down to Power Meter in portrait view (Vertical). Now turn your phone to Landscape view ( Horizontal) . The graph will disappear and the screen will scroll up and down trying to display the graph. Move you phone back to the vertical position, graph will reappear and the scrolling stops.

rverwij… Using my Samsung note 20… Mine works OK…??? Think I did it the way you described. Everything shows up the way it should…Gerry

I did not check it with an Android device. Your device is an Android not IOS. I updated my IOS to the latest version yesterday.

OK… Sorry… Must have been too early in the morning… Gerry

I can confirm this behavior as well on iOS.

hey @rverwij @brian5 - thanks for reporting the bug and passing along relevant information. We’re going to take a look at this and follow-up once we hear back from our team.

I was able to get my hands on an iPhone 5s software version 12.5.4 and was able to duplicate my findings. It looks like the bug did not get introduced by upgrading to the latest iOS.