PowerMeter Data Lagging?


Anyone else having this issue right now? My power meter data is currently lagging by 7-15 minutes (it keeps varying)


Hmmm… it seems to catch up on the Website when I open up my App on my phone. Kinda weird.


Yes. I am having the same issues on both my accounts. And the issue is the same on my Pc as well as Android platforms. Sense status page shows 11 ms lag.


I haven’t seen this issue with Sense, but I have seen issues over the years with other network devices… especially with devices that connect, and stay connected as much as these do… network quality can really affect devices that rely so heavily on the internet… when packets get sent through the internet and are fragmented or damaged on the way, then they are resent… and that effort of resending is what creates lag… for example:

this is a shot of my cable modem, Motorola/Arris SB6190… if you have this modem, and own your own modem (not rented through ISP), you can access this page by opening an internet browser, enter the address and hit enter… my modem keeps track of “correctable” and “uncorrectable” errors in the packets sent… if any one of my download streams reach 10k in “uncorrectable” errors, or any 3 streams over 3k in “uncorrectable” errors, I will reboot my modem and refresh these figures… the higher this “uncorrectable” errors go, the worse lag or latency you will have to the internet… for me, my ISP, xfinity/comcast has an android app that you can use to reboot your modem… if you use this app and goto the reboot page, xfinity will first check the latency on your modem before you get the button to reboot… I’ve noticed that when my modem is at those figures, my internet connection is only about 80-90% based on this “check” that the xfinity app runs… and after reboot or when my modem hasn’t yet reached the figures above, then its 97+% or even 100%… so even xfinity/comcast recognizes the need for rebooting/refreshing your internet connection… but they don’t openly share this info… on average, I can get 14-18 days without rebooting… when there are problems, at times I have to reboot daily…

well, this is just a thought to your issues… also, for those that may have an SB6190 cable modem that they own and can access these pages in their modem, voltages can be positive or negative, but when voltages are over 15dBmV, there is a problem brewing with the network switches on your block (tech needs to come out and fix the connection at communications pole or street block, depending on setup in your area) and you will likely have an outage soon… also, the voltages are less in colder weather, higher in warmer weather… if voltages get over 30dBmV, it could cause damage to your modem… usually the cable company fixes things before that, but every once in a while, they don’t…

I’ve always used the Motorola/Arris modems, so I’m not familiar with other brands… but over the years, I’ve been able to learn what to watch for… network quality is a key to all devices running without issue when connected to the internet…

hope this helps…


I tried to re-create the issue that you guys were experiencing… I was able to create the issue on my chromebook, using the chrome browser… based on what I did to create the lag, I have a question:

are you guys trying to keep the android / web app live in the background?

to create this issue, I loaded the sense web app in a chrome tab… then I left it open and opened more tabs, off doing other things and just left the Sense Web app running back there somewhere… after some time, I jumped back to the Sense Web app and as you can see, I was able to get the same result as you did…

although we like to think of the internet as “live”, it doesn’t always work that way… even while writing this msg, I just flipped back to the Sense Web app and the same thing happened… the time updated, but nothing there to refresh the data stream… all I did to refresh was to click the “hour” link above the chart and it updated to all the current info and time…

if this is what you guys were doing, personally, I don’t see anything wrong… there are limits to even the best web sites, and I don’t think there is a way to fix this… its all about how the info is accessed… from my location, running a traceroute, my communication to home.sense.com is 14 hops - 14 servers to go through from my house to the data servers (looks like our data is stored in a datacenter in or around the los angeles area)… to make a complete round trip, 28 hops and expect the browser to keep live in the background, every second… I don’t think its going to happen…

I tried to re-create the issue through the android app, but wasn’t able to… I get a lag switching between apps, but the lag is expected considering apps don’t really stay running in android like a PC… once the lag is over, the info updates and is complete… it doesn’t leave a blank space in the timeline like the web app does…

if I’m way off base here, sorry… I was trying to help…


Yes this is exactly how to recreate it, except I’m using Edge, not Chrome and when refreshing the tab after switching back to it, it won’t update until I open my App on my phone and then it magically catches up w/o refreshing.


Sounds related to this: Real-time display sluggish

We’re dealing with some RT issues in the apps and are working to implement a fix.


I don’t know. I’ve had this issue for a very long time. I was just never really able to reliably replicate it until @HiTechRedNeck did.


Can you quantify “a long time” any more? I’ll leave this thread open just in case they’re different issues. In the meantime, please submit tickets to Support if you’re dealing with this issue.


Probably saw it for the first time a couple months ago. Ok I’ll submit a ticket.


just started for me too, for the first time, in the past couple days.

iOS and Mac safari browser both acting the same.

maybe the new update we got a few days ago made the problem worse


I was able to re-create in Edge… man that’s a crappy browser, lol… anyway, in edge, you don’t even need to open a new tab… just switching to another program and pushing edge to the background kicks the feed… when you go back to edge, the timeline has moved forward, but not the data chart, its stuck where it was before the switch to another program… interestingly, if you click the hour header, the data updates, but the “Now” bar greys out… if you click the greyed out “Now” bar, then everything refreshes and goes back to normal…

I’d say its more a browser issue… if Sense’s web designer is using HTML5 like he should, this could be just browser issues… heading to html5test.com reveals:

Edge: 492 of 555
Internet Explorer: 312 of 555
Chrome: 530 of 555

from this, edge is better than IE, but chrome still beats them all… I got a better refresh and experience using sense in chrome (my favorite browser anyway), so I would be leaning toward browser compatibility… if Sense is using HTML5, they are not going to get edge to work any better… that would be a microsoft issue…


Yeah Edge is crappy but it’s the browser we have to use at work. We use Chrome as well but only for internal sites. (yeah don’t even get me started on that).


Talked to the team and this seems different than the RT data issues I mentioned earlier. I’m filing a bug report. Thanks for the reproduction notes. That will be helpful.