Real-time display sluggish

For the last 2 days or so, the real-time features in the Sense app have been taking a long time to show up. Anyone else noticing this?

Noticed it today on the web app. The real time meter section takes a few seconds to populate when switched to.

Same here, started yesterday. Some times it was taking north of 30 seconds to come up.

I cycled the breaker that powered my Sense earlier today and that resolved the issue.

I’ll pass this along to the team. Thanks for reporting.

It does seem to be resolved (for me at least) as of yesterday afternoon. There were several more responses to my post over on the Facebook group, if you’re looking for more reports to forward along.

Thanks. It’s a known issue and is being investigated.

All day I’ve been experiencing slow performance with real-time data in the Sense app. This isn’t something that I’ve ever experienced and I was wondering if others were experiencing the same issue. There was just a scheduled maintenance to help real-time data and I’m not sure if that is correlated.

Mines been wonky also, and I noticed my always on went up without adding devices, not sure if thats normal.

Really bad all of today (work computer). Now though I see its good again (home computer).

Any update on this? I’m nearly positive the real time display being slow is also causing data dropouts. At first I thought it was network issues, but I’ve pretty much ruled that out.

I can now say the last 6 data dropouts I saw were directly related to trying to use the app/website for real time info. If I keep the app on the trends screen and don’t load the bubbles or meter, my dropouts stop.

I’ve had the same problem with my meter always on. I’m going to try eliminating the always on meter and see if my dropouts stop. Thanks for the input.

Matt, could you provide a bit more info? This is only happening in the web app, correct? How are you verifying that there are data dropouts occurring?

This happens with either the web or mobile app. If I open the app to a real time meter, and the data from the unit is not current. Sense will take a bit to load an snap to current. The data prior to the current time will be dropped from the display and a data dropout will occur.

I’ve validated this by installing an app that tracks my app usage/timestamps. Every data dropout ends at the same time I open the app to a real time meter.

This is pretty easy to reproduce, if the data from the unit is not current. Running a real time display all the time (like a tablet) seems to make this even worse.

Well that’s certainly odd. Can you submit a ticket to support about this? Screenshots/data from the third-party apps you’re using might help.

Sure, can do

Submitted a ticket myself with what I believe to be the same issues mattlebaugh is seeing as well.

Well, that and a couple other issues but hey, i have to inquire about them as I see them or I would end up forgetting about them.

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