Realtime Data Not Working


I noticed late last night that I was not getting any real-time updates in Sense and that the usage graphs were always at least 15 minutes behind. I sent a problem within the app this morning and Sense replied within a couple of hours indicating it was fixed. If anyone in the Sense community is interested some details were posted to

To sense I would update the community page here whenever there are known issues as well. I realize this mirrors the status page however for a lot of customers this is the first place we go if we see issues.


Thanks for posting this up here as well! We did update the community forum on this issue earlier, below a different topic posted by another user here: Sense is acting very strange today. However, it doesn’t hurt to post it as a separate topic, thanks for your suggestion!


May I recommend that you create a new category called “Operations” or something like that which you can post to for these types of events and updates. That will make it easy to locate. Thanks!


It looks like if you go to you can subscribe to notifications of issues.

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