Have two issues with Sense. Maybe unrelated

I am having two issues with my sense monitor. I will list separately in case they are not related.

  1. The Sense App is lagging about a half hour behind current time showing usage on the power meter. The last 30 minutes of the graph in the meter tab are blank but I do see a Wattage number on the top right side.

  2. In the labs tab I have a fault detection on Power Quality. I have not noticed any issues with power at all. I have 6 UPS units and not one has alarmed or given any indication of a voltage dip. Looking back the has been going a daily and at various times throughout the day.
    I’ve included snapshots below

I agree the two issues are not related. Below is a suggestion regarding issue #2.

Restart means turning off the breaker where Sense is installed for about 20 seconds, then turning back on.

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In a way it almost seems as if some units are bogging down or sputtering.

With 40+ integrations I’m surprised I haven’t experienced this, so maybe not.

I have to admit a reboot was one of my initial thoughts or something was going bad in the Sense monitor itself. Anything electronic could use a three finger salute as a first step when troubleshooting.

Turns out the problems may be related. At least in the fix anyway. The reboot corrected problem #1. Time will tell if #2 is also fixed. I’ll report back on that one later today when I have updated graph.

That many daily extreme and frequent dips would not go unnoticed without all the UPS units and surge suppressors detecting something.

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Don’t know what Sense was designed to monitor but 20+ would seem typical and now with all the smart products these days 40+ would not be unreasonable. I’m in the mid 30s now and it is a small house.


About 24 hr after a reboot and the problem seems to be fixed. Thanks

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Latest Update.

After a couple weeks I am right back where I started. The power quality (spikes & dips) are back as before and the Power Meter graph is lagging again.

It didn’t happen overnight. The huge dips 30+ volts slowly increased day by day and the graph lag gets a little bigger day by day as well.

I still suspect the Sense unit may be the problem given the problem slowly returned over time.

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I wanted to tell folks we are actively looking into the power quality/spikes issue where a reboot fixes it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had to advise many to reboot their monitors in the last few weeks to fix this issue. Normally, this would be a good thing; an engineer who is actively looking into this issue is looking for cases where this issue is happening in real time and is not fixed.

If anyone finds they have this issue and want to help us investigate it and work to try to get it fixed faster, please reply here and let me know. I can pass this along. I assure you we will ensure your issue is fixed as soon as we get the info we need; this would be very helpful in fixing a bigger problem for many users.

Thanks so much for your help!


FYI @JamesDrewAtSense
After my last post when I said the problem returned I would check the power quality every couple of days and on the Morning of 9 Jan they just stopped! I did not reboot the Sense and no idea why they stopped. I had maybe 3 or 4 dips since then but nowhere close to the massive 30+ dips in the past. I do still get time lags on the graph but it varies day to day.

Sorry it is not helpful but I know how technicians hate a problem that just fixes it self. We used to call that FM or swamp gas.


Thanks for your reply on this and for your helpful input! I thought I replied but better late than never… I hope :neutral_face:

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