Power quality increase in dips and spikes until reboot

I’ve had my Sense for about a year and a half and until 10/31 of this year I’ve always had a very low number of dips and spikes, maybe one a month or so. On 10/31 I saw a lot of them and over the next day or two probably a dozen more. I rebooted the Sense with the breaker and they seemed to go away but in the last few weeks they’re back. I’m not seeing any evidence of real power dips, no light flickering at least. I rebooted again yesterday morning and it’s been quiet since then. Anyone else see anything similar? I also don’t see any dips in the logging as I do sometimes for real dips. The logging seems continuous too with no dropouts so I don’t think connectivity is an issue.

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I’ve seen a few cases where a sudden, large uptick I the number of spikes/dips was fixed by a reboot. Seems like Sense support is aware of this and sees a reboot as a potential fix for a known sporadic software issue.

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Just a follow up that after the last reboot I haven’t had one dip or spike in over a week. Looks like a software issue.

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This is now the second time this has happened. First time was late November and power cycling fixed the issue. Today it’s back.

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Yeah, I’ve had one more as well. Fixed by power cycling the breaker. Maybe it’s time to submit a ticket.



I have had the same problem and posted it in another area


A reboot did fix it but…it returned in about a week. The other problem I didn’t think was related is the power meter graph lags by about 30 minutes. The reboot fixed that as well but it also returned.

Reading around I have found several posts relating to this issue but none so far I’ve tried have been more than a short term solution.

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I don’t think this is as sporadic as suggested. I too had the problem and finally did a reboot yesterday.

I do not look at this page all that often, so I don’t know when it started, but I certainly know that 6 months ago I was not observing this problem. Nothing has changed in my electrical and/or sense setup.

Overall I conclude that a reboot is not an acceptable “solution” if this many people are experiencing the problem (most likely those that report here are but a small subset), and (b) a reboot is not convenient and (c) a reboot causes a significant gap in the data (see image above).


That is the whole reason to keep power quality for years now in the “lab environment”.
They know they have a problem, they probably don’t know how to fix it AND/OR they don’t want to have to fix it, so they leave it as to avoid any liability by keeping it “beta/alpha”.

Does that make …

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