Voltage dips after data gap, fixed after another gap

How was your issue detected?:
Hi there, I noticed a series of 78 voltage dips after a brief data gap, but did not notice any flickering lights, power cuts or appliance issues. This “fixed” itself after I noticed another small gap in data. There was also a firmware update on 7/10 around this time. I know it says this can occur due to loose connections or connectivity issues (there were none), but now im doubting future reports of dips and spikes are real. Is this just a glitch? Thanks for any insight

Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:

Screenshots from Sense Lab

I have seen the same issue (screenshot below). And more worrying is that Sense is telling me that I’m currently experiencing voltage spikes every few minutes. Are these real or is it a glitch in the Sense software?
Screenshot 2023-08-01 113116

Just in case anyone else comes across this issue, you can likely fix this by turning your Sense off for 10 seconds (either by unplugging it or by turning off the breaker it is connected to) then back on.

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