587 Voltage dips! What is going on?

Hi everyone. New user here. I just installed Sense in mid-July. Sense Labs Power Quality alerted me of 587 voltage dips. I went back through the voltage history and it all looks normal up until a week ago. No lights are flickering, no breakers tripping, nothing unusual around the house that I’ve noticed. I did check the outlets with a outlet tester and was not able to find any open neutrals. Screenshot below. Any ideas?

Could be lots of other causes.

  1. A 240V power hog turning on and off at your house or at a neighbors that is on the same distribution transformer. I say 240V because issue appears to be happening on both legs.
  2. Your utility having difficulties. Which utility provides your electricity.

If you PM the CSV of your Power Quality alerts, I can post a graph like this:

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Thanks for the reply. I found a few other posts like mine on the Sense subreddit. They suggested to reset the Sense. I unplugged both the power and the clamp leads, let it sit for 10 seconds, and plugged them back in. That solved the issue. Unfortunate that this feature is buggy on the Sense. It had me worried and running around the house looking for an open neutral.

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@Connor, thanks for sharing your cure. A power cycle can also help sometimes when the monitor goes offline or has a hard time talking to smartplugs.

I have a graph that looks very similar to this and in the last 30 days I’ve had over 400 spikes and dips. This is very unusual and I haven’t had this in the year that I’ve been a sense user. Any help, suggestions… I can’t upload my screenshots for some reason.

@adamchilders, try a power cycle like @Connor did. Post more if the spikes/dips continue after that.

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Ok will do. I emailed my utility company Lynches River Electric Cooperative they haven’t gotten back to me. Here’s my raw data export. I’ll try the power cycle. This just started. I keep an eye on this lab feature every once in a while and started seeing this a day or two ago. I wonder if this has any correlation
power_quality_raw.csv (32.4 KB)
to the demand on the grid with the recent excessive heat

Hi @adamchilders ,

Here’s a quick plot of your instantaneous dip and spike voltages between the two legs vs other users’ data (upper left). Your pattern is incredibly different than the others. Yours is super-linear with positive correlation - the voltage on one leg goes up or down in lock-step with the other leg. In my mind, that’s an indication of a generation problem or perhaps a monitor issue.

User2 shows a linear relationship with negative correlation (one leg goes up when the other goes down) - that’s more of a neutral wire kind of issue.

ps: I would definitely try a power cycle. In my mind, that line is just a little too perfect. I suspect a Sense monitor problem over a grid problem. If you power cycle and it fixes, please report to @JamesDrewAtSense and mention Ticket SL3-807.