Data dropouts in Power Meter and Usage

Something similar has happened before, but today is especially weird. The app is showing large chunks of time with no data, but if you zoom in a little, then the data appear. The usage chart shows no data since the morning. I checked Sense’s status page and not seeing any issues. There is no issues with my internet connection either, as far as I can tell. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I have seen this behavior. I notice it particularly when Sense claims it’s found a new device, but when I look at the power monitor I see no usage. I have to go slowly, looking at monthly, then weekly “time on”, and then I can zoom in on the day Sense says the device was on. Clumsy, but no usage spikes show until I zoom in.

Since this is at the whole-home level, I don’t think it’s related to device-level backfill issues. It sounds like a possible connection issue to me. Have you run through the Network Connection Test, detailed here: What's new in v29: Network Connection Test

If that doesn’t ID any potential connection issues, I’d suggest reaching out to Support and they can take a closer look at your data logs.

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This has happened to me ever since I started using Sense in 2017.

It fixed itself later that evening. Support said they could not reproduce the issue.

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How often does it happen?

I don’t really have hard data to provide, as I’ve stopped paying close attention. Not often enough for me to open a support case.