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On the Now tab in my Sense app on my iOS iPhone the usage isnt detecting correctly now and it seems to show for a second or two and then goes away and shows the little balls in the center flashing from side to side. it seems to have started doing this a few days ago and when i go into the trends page and look at the power meter it shows a large gap of missing data of the previous 14 hours. Is anyone else having this issue?

Not seeing it.

Have you tried running the Network test?

Did all that and this is what i get.

There was a short incident report for Sense servers yesterday, but your issue appears much longer. Maybe a Sense reboot is in order.

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How do i reboot it? I see factory reset and reset data but not a reboot

You flip the breaker Sense is attached to for about 5 seconds. I have had to do it a few times when I see long data dropouts. But I haven’t had one that caused me to flip a breaker in a while.

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Thanks Kevin, it fixed the issue

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I think I still see this happening. Unable to connect to sense servers and appearing offline. Perhaps something is still going on with something on Sense’s end?

You can see how the Sense servers are doing here:

If the Sense servers are working, there might be other issues:

  • Sometime the Sense monitor can get locked up and stops broadcasting data. The fix is often to reboot by toggling the breaker the Sense is on.

  • Or you can have any one of a number of networking issues - everything from internet outages to network saturation.

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There was a brief outage on Saturday, but that was resolved by the time you posted this.

If you’re still experiencing issues, after troubleshooting as @kevin1 suggested, you should reach out to the Support team.

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