Sense Connectivity

My router says Sense is connected but the app says otherwise. This is a new issue. Ideas?

Wondering if you can run the Network Test from the app Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor ?

If this is still an issue @mstraka606 please reach out to and we can get this fixed for you.

I have reached out to them Justin. Thanks.

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Connected to your wifi and connected to the internet can be two different things.
I hate to ask the simple, but - have you power cycled the Sense? My Sense got stuck a few weeks ago where it managed to reconnected to my wifi, but wasn’t actually transmitting anything back to Sense.
Looking at your screenshot, you should see more activity which tells me Sense isn’t talking to the mothership, so a power cycle would be a good 2nd step after running the connection test as @kevin1 suggested

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Will do as soon as I get home and you are correct that will likely fix it, temporarily. Jus fluke previous times. Reality is that Sense already told me that my monitor is in a population of early units that has this WiFi reconnect issue. They offered to replace it but I didn’t want to lose all the data…I’m over losing the data. I asked the question to find out if others have a similar problem. Thanks for your info.

Mine was also one of the early ones with the brownout lockup issue. I recommend just biting the bullet and having them replace it. It’ll be easier in the long run.

Got home, flipped circuit breaker, walla!! Yes I’m going to just do it and get the replacement.

Got the new monitor. Now…how do I get it linked to my account? Do I have to delete my existing account first and start all over?

I should add that when I open the app using my existing account it doesn’t find the new monitor (yes beeps confirmed it’s on and happy). I’m wondering if I need to disassociate the old monitor first?

There have been comments (of despair) on other topics that say an account can only support one Sense device, so I would think that you have to delete your existing monitor before linking it to your existing account (or create a new account for your new monitor).

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Thank you!

Created new account this AM. Let see how this goes given all the improvements and changes in the past 12-18 months since I last reset data.