Sense is hard to get connected

my cell finds sense but will not pass veriffy instal this is a replacement unit i remember my first one was also u pain to get linked to wifi to any help

There’s now a connection test that should tell you a little more about what is failing when you try to connect to WiFi as part of the install. If you go into the app, then go into Settings, then click Sense Monitor, you’ll see the Network Test about 1/2 way down the screen. Click on the right arrow and you’ll get the Connection Test screen.

Press that while you are near the Sense monitor and the app should go through a series of checks. If you push down into “View detailed test results” afterwards, you should see something like this, except with an issue raised.

What do your detailed test results show ?? You may end up needing to work with support, but this is a quick and easy self-test.

i need to factory reset sense

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I would suggest working with Support on this, as they can see some pretty detailed logs of what’s actually happening.

This actually isn’t yet available during the setup of brand new monitors. That firmware has to circulate out into the stock still. However, if a monitor has the latest firmware and is then factory reset, the firmware version will not be reset.

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Thanks for clarifying Ryan. I love all the new improvements, but forget that they take a while to fan out when firmware and existing inventory is involved.