Sense Monitor is offline


I open the app and all I see are those little bubbles indicating that something isnt working right. The app says the monitor is offline.

Its been installed for roughly 2 months now. This happens often enough, 1 - 2 times a week, that it gives me concern about the long term accuracy of the power usage data.

Sometimes it recovers by itself, other times I seem to need to flip the Sense breaker to do a reboot.

Currently, things have been down for about two hours and I’m thinking of flipping the breaker to see if I can get things working again.

Just what is happening? Has the Sense monitor lost contact with the Sense servers? Has the app lost contact with the servers?

What’s the best way to recover without losing data?


Reboot your modem - it’s very likely getting a weak wifi signal and going offline now and then. Rebooting the modem preserves about 8hrs of data, while resetting the sense breaker loses all of that data.

Next we’ll need to figure out how to improve wifi signal to your unit…


So the monitor has lost the wifi connection, eh? The monitor is in the garage, not exactly close to the wifi access point

I working on moving an access point closer to the unit but I’m having trouble getting the monitor to connect to it.

I’ve set the frequency, SSID, & password exactly the same as the existing access point but it doesnt seem to connect. Other computers can access it so I know its working.

I’ll have to try some more today when I can get more time to devote to it.


You got it. Several users have dealt with this hurdle, including @Howard who may have some good advice.


Maybe some kind of WiFi signal strength indication in the app would be helpful? We’re in the dark about the whole internet connection aspect of the Sense device.


I managed to get a Ubiquity Unifi AP AC Pro access point up and running about 15ft away from monitor.

Wifi Analyzer on my tablet says I have 20 dB more signal. Time will tell if it fixes the problem.

Even with the same SSID, same channel, I couldnt get the Sense to log onto the new access point. I had to flip the Sense breaker off/on to get things working. That may be part of the outage problem.


I recommend giving it a unique SSID or adding a secondary SSID if supported. When I had multiple access points with the same SSID, I had problems with sense dropping offline. Once I set up a unique SSID on one of my access points, I no longer had connectivity problems.


Good idea, Dan! We are looking at adding a Wi-Fi indicator in the future to help people get set up!


It’s been two weeks and it seems that installing a second wireless access point closer to the monitor did indeed fix all my issues.


How do you go about creating a dedicated access point or a unique SSID?


I just added another access point on the same frequency with the same SSID and located it near the Sense monitor. I then moved the old access point to a different frequency and changed it’s SSID to something else.

I used a Ubiquiti Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio Pro access point that I had lying around but it’s probably overkill since it only handles traffic in the garage where the electrical panel is.


over the last couple of days, I’ve noticed the sleepy monitor icon popping in and out (not too frequently) and last night sense went offline from 9:02 to 1:26. (I’m not finding the blips from earlier in the day). I don’t believe it was a problem wit the wifi as I was online all day and into the evening. and didn’t do any reboots or resets.

This is there first time I’ve noticed anything like this and I monitor it pretty closely. I don’t know if the bouncing is a big deal, but the 3 1/2 hours is concerning. Is there anything I need to do? A restart or check any settings?


A while back I’d drop off about once a week. I just kept resetting the router to get it back online. Before then I’d never had problems, and it has been fine for about three weeks now (knock wood).

Never did figure it out, but we have this zombie printer that for whatever reason decides it’s going to co-opt a channel now and again, and we have to turn it off to keep things online. We turned it off a few weeks ago and have left it off, perhaps that was the issue?

Not sure what to say for you :confused:


that’s curious. i did use my printer this weekend. I generally keep it off since I don’t use it much but I’ll check to be sure it’s off now. Thanks!


Sorry to hear that, Becky. I’d reach out to our technical support team ( about this. They’ll be able to take a look to see if Wi-Fi connectivity was an issue.


WHat if you CAN’T move the modem closer to the sense because you have something on the other side of the house that;'s equally as far away and also needs a wifi signal? I have a blink wifi camera sitting next to the panel where the sense is and it NEVER loses its wifi signal. Why is sense so sense-itive?!


My Sense was going off-line 2-3 times per week. My Sense was about 3 feet away from the router. I moved the router about 20 feet away and it hasn’t dropped off-line for about three weeks now. Had a similar problem with my Wink modem. Moved Wink modem to the 2nd floor of the house and now it stays on line. I think some devices being so close to the router can cause issues.


Then you need something like Google WiFi or a second access point on the other side of the house :wink:


I had a borderline wifi connection from the Sense to my router. I tried a new magnet mounted omnidirectional antenna with supposedly higher gain, but it got no connection at all. The marginal connection of the factory antenna was better. I then tried this TP Link directional antenna and am getting a stronger connection: You do have to aim it roughly at your router, but this is a good thing because it will get a stronger connection in that direction and by virtue of aiming it, it should help tune out some of the 2.4GHz interference near it. It is plug and play so to speak with the RP-SMA connector. If your antenna is outdoors, consider covering the connection in some self-sealing tape or caulk. I hope this helps someone.


It appears that my Sense unit stopped sending data @ 4:07AM (MST) yesterday, 2/19. My Wi-Fi was operational all the time but found that I got an e-mail alert at 5:00AM (MST). Hadn’t noticed it was not tracking until about 9:00AM (MST) when I tried to connect. Checked all my std Wi-Fi apps and found no other problems.

I found and followed Sense’s troubleshoot routine “Why is my monitor offline?” right thru the Power Cycling. But as I later found out and @NJHaley noted, Power Cycling erases the monitor’s unsent data. I wish Sense would have noted that in their Trouble Shooting topic. When Power Cycling made no difference, I reset my router. This reconnected with my Sense monitor with my Wi-Fi. In my case, it would have made more sense to reset my router first and saved the 6 hrs of stored data in the Sense monitor. Not a big problem, but surely one that could have been handled better with more info, :thinking: