I think my Sense bought the farm and needs to be replaced


Checked my unit when I got up this morning and it looks like it went offline around 3am. Could not get it back online. Checked the wifi and it was working fine, but I rebooted the router anyway. Connected my phone to the Wifi Signal that Sense uses and it connected fine. Ran a speed test on it and it shows better than 20mpbs up and down. The AP is four feet from Sense and until two days ago was working perfectly since I installed it about six weeks ago. Now unit won’t connect. Power cycled Sense and still no luck. What is strange is I think even though it said it can’t connect it might be intermittently connected for a second or two at a time.I got a list update on the bubble page from a device that went on at 9:36am, but no other data. Then at 9:46am I momentarily got a bubble chart but it quickly turned faded and then went away, it also had more alerts. On the about sense page It shows mostly offline with no wifi and no instant data from the CTs. However for a moment around 9:52am it showed offline and no wifi but all the signals had numbers, but that then quickly went away. Now at 10:15 am there is no data for anything and it is not responding. Less than happy :frowning:


Hi Howard, really sorry to hear that! I checked in with Alex and as he told me, they were able to get rid of the issue you were experiencing, but it’s unfortunately back as of today. He and another colleague of ours Jonah are working on a solution for you to hopefully get this problem solved as soon as possible.

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