Sense goes offline and stays offline for extended periods - network test is good

After months of use with no issues, my Sense has suddenly started to go offline a few times a week for hours at a time. The app shows it as offline, but the network connection test is good. I’ve moved my access point 6 feet from the Sense and changed it to a unique SSID, but it still won’t connect. The odd thing is that I get some alerts about my microwave turning on (the one device it has found and that is identified) even while it is showing up as “offline”. This all started about a month ago and so far everything I have tried that tech support has recommended has not worked. Is anyone else having this issue?

Have you contacted ? Recommended ! I sometimes have had luck rebooting the monitor via the 240V breaker.

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Sense went offline when I added another router to my network. The 2nd router was set as a repeater but somehow Sense did not like the second router. When I unplugged the 2nd router Sense was back on-line. So it looks like that other wifi signals can make the Sense device confused.

My Sense ran fine for two months before developing this issue. I made no changes to my network setup. I’ve moved my nearest AP to within 6 feet of the Sense and set it to a unique SSID just for the Sense to connect to. I’ll see if that does the trick.

I contacted support and went through the reboot and reconnect to my network. That did not initially fix the issue, but eventually my Sense came back online. I could run the network test and it would pass, but my Sense would stay offline for another few hours before reconnecting.