What's new in v29: Network Connection Test

Version 29 of the Sense mobile app comes with a new feature addition to the Settings menu: Network Connection Test.

While this may not be fun or flashy, it is a very important release. To get the most out of Sense, you need a reliable internet connection. Without, all aspects of Sense can suffer, from data dropouts in the Power Meter to hindered device detection. Note that this test measures the connection between your Sense monitor and Sense servers as well as connection to the local network. This is not a replacement for a standard internet speed test.

To access the connection test:

  1. Navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor.
  2. Scroll down to the new Network Connection card and tap the new “Network Test” option.
  3. Note: You’ll need to be near your Sense monitor in order to run thetest, as your phone must connect to the monitor via Bluetooth.

If any issues are found, the test will point you to all-new troubleshooting articles at help.sense.com. Advanced test results can be viewed after the test runs. You can email these results directly to Support and even to yourself for your own historical records.

For new installs of Sense going forward, this connection test will also be part of the setup process, helping new users to immediately get the most out of Sense by ensuring a solid network connection.

As always, let us know what you think.


Release date? Would be nice to know when this is expected…

I just tried the network test several times and my phone wouldn’t connect through Bluetooth. It kept saying it can’t find Sense. But when running the test, the “connecting to Sense” would get a green check mark, then it would move to “validating install” but then tell me it can’t find the Sense. I had my phone right outside the breaker box while trying this.

I tried power cycling the Sense and holding my phone in a few different positions. No change.

It was released when this post initially went out. Sometimes there can be a delay with it getting actually published to the iOS store, if that’s what you’re on.

You can bring this to the attention of Support. I haven’t seen any similar problem reported by anyone else. It sounds like something is going wrong with the Bluetooth connection and Support can see logs of that.

Yes got it now, your message sounded like a general announcement of a future release. And not like an AVAILABLE NOW thing :slight_smile:

Updated mine. Under the “Signals” section of the display, there are two columns of numbers, looking very similar. What are they representing. Live updates make them bounce around. Need column headings, please! :wink:

The Signals section tells how much power is being used by each of the two electrical power “legs” that enter your house. You can also see the voltage that should be pretty much unchanged around 120V on each leg. The power numbers in watts (W) bounce around because your power usage bounces around. If you have Sense solar, you’ll also see a second set of numbers representing the feed-in power from your solar inverter(s), like mine below.


The bluetooth dance is failing for me. Right next to the monitor…

Is there a chance that my monitor doesn’t have Bluetooth? It’s pretty ancient: s/n M649000015/

Best – John

All monitors have Bluetooth. There is likely something going wrong with your local BT connection. I’d suggest reaching out to Support and they can check the logs. https://sense.com/contact

So what happens when we initiate the network test as far as BT is concerned? Is the Sense just always looking for a BT connection? I’d assume not for security reasons. So my assumption is that a command is sent to the Sense servers, which relays the command back to the unit and tells it to initiate a Bluetooth connection?

That is correct.

While this makes sense from a Security perspective, doesn’t that mean that technically speaking, if you are are having connectivity issues, you can’t may not be able to run the connectivity test because the Sense never got the signal to turn the bluetooth back on?
When you power cycle, does the Sense still keep its bluetooth on for the first 10 minutes? If memory serves that used to be the old behavior. So if you can’t connect, power cycle the Sense and then try to run the test again?

I’m guessing it is. I just got an email from support and they want me to power cycle and then try to run the WiFi setup to see if that has the same problem it if it’s just the connection test.

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