Network Encryption Errors

Hey guys!

This isn’t a full announcement so I’m not posting it into the announcement category for the moment, although I might move it there later. This is just a general update to some questions that some users may have. If you are noticing an error in your Sense app which reads that there was a networking error connecting with Sense – and your monitor is actually online – then you are probably using an out of date version of the Sense app and need to update!

There was an expiring security certificate which was updated in the latest app version. Updating to the latest version should resolve this. The most recent release should be version 24. If your version is lower than this, then it’s time to update! You can check your app version by navigating to Settings > About Sense.

If you are seeing this error message and you are on version 24 of the app already, then please write in to let me know and we’ll get that sorted out.


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