New Sense... Dead Sense?... :(

Hey guys, My Sense got here on Thursday… and after an long process of it hanging on “sending credentials” and asking for the WIFI password ten times. IT FINALLY logged in and i set up an account, had a few hours of it doing its thing and after four “detected an error, automatically fixing” restarts it said 100% done… Sadly I changed out my ISP to Verizon today and i figured I’d be able to log into the new WIFI… No such luck. Sense hangs on “Connecting to Sense” if I power cycle the unit with the breaker it will get to “verifying install” but crashes shortly later and tells me to get closer to Sense… I opened the Panel and put my cell phone right next to the unit and still telling me to get closer… Am i hosed?

No, not hosed, you just might have to wait until next week to get in touch with tech support.

For whatever reason, this seems to be a fairly common problem based on the threads here. It happened to me as well, but after the 5th or 6th try, it connected and has been good so far. I don’t know if it’s an indication of poor Wi-Fi coverage (can you get the router any closer?) or a loading bug or what.

Wish I could be more helpful, but you’re stuck unless you want to keep trying to cycle.

What operating system are you using? Not the new ios, hopefully?

Android, apparently cant even factory reset it…

OK if anyone else comes upon this post. Try deleting your app. once i deleted the app and re-logged into my account it was able to contact the Sense again. bit of a PITA

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