Sense completely forgot its wifi settings

I’ve already emailed support about this, so the point of this thread is not necessarily to get help, but to share my experience from yesterday. I’m also curious if anyone else has had a similar problem in the past.

Yesterday morning, when I woke up (7am), I had a notification on my phone that Sense was offline. So I opened the app to see it had been offline since about 2am. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot before work, so I just kinda hoped it was a network connection issue and it would fix itself while I was gone.

I got home a little after 6pm and the monitor was still offline. I work in IT, so I started troubleshooting. I power cycled my wireless access point and then waited about 15 minutes to see if Sense would ever try to reestablish a connection. Nothing happened. So next, I took my phone next to the breaker and started the new network test. It connected to the Sense, but then the network test failed. The reason: There is no wifi network configured for this device.

For whatever reason, it had completely forgot my wifi network ssid and password. It walked me through the wifi network setup, I re-entered the password, and it immediately connected and started working again.

I was hoping that since I never power cycled the Sense during my troubleshooting, that maybe the data from yesterday would backfill overnight, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So now I’ve got a day that says I used 6kWh and produced 0kWh. It also messed up my Always On detection, which is currently only showing devices plugged into my TP-Link smart plugs and nothing else.

That’s certainly odd. Reporting to Support was definitely the right move.

Have you by chance made any changes to your network over the past couple days: changed SSID, password, new access point, etc?

Nope. And since I work in IT and am familiar with networking, I have a small network rack with all my networking equipment in it. My whole house is wired with Ethernet and very little connects to the wifi, which is a Ubiquiti access point mounted to the ceiling in the middle of the house. Pretty much everywhere has a good signal (even most of my yard. I stream podcasts while mowing and it rarely drops off the wifi).

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Ok, good to know. I encourage you to work with Support on it and I’ll do some digging on my side in the meantime.

You might learn something by looking in the Unifi past connections list at the associations, durations & AP/Ports. That should hint at the general stability (or not) of the connection beyond what you can glean from the Sense itself.