Forgetting WiFi?

I’ve read other posts about WiFi signals not being strong enough causing their sense going offline. But my sense, after 5 months working flawlessly, has begun forgetting it’s WiFi info every night around 2-3am. I have to go out to it, connect via bluetooth and set the WiFi SSID and pwd again. It’ll work until the next morning, then it forgets again.

I was curious, how often do updates get applied to it? I don’t see any section of the app that displays this information, I’d be curious if my issue was timed with a recent update or something.

I will test the WiFi strength later today as one of the posts recommended, I just find it strange that it just suddenly started going offline.

I just spoke with Support, and this sounds like an issue with your firmware getting updated. You likely have either or blocked on your router. You should unblock those. If you’re not sure how to go about doing that or are still having trouble, you can reach out to Support directly at

Thanks for the help Ryan, but that didn’t seem to resolve it. I don’t have any firewalls or routing exceptions that would prevent accessing or

I still have the issue where it goes offline at 3am, give or take a few minutes. The only thing I have not done is a full system reset, but I don’t want to lose my saved devices.

I think at this point, reaching out to the Support team would be best. My troubleshooting via the forum is limited.

So follow up in case someone is searching the community with a similar issue - I ended up resetting it to factory settings, and ever since then it’s been working normally. I did lose my devices, historical data and the reset deleted my online account (which was weird)

But to me its no big deal, I’m interested in the current usage, not historical so much.


I’m having the same problem with a brand new Sense that I just had installed on 6/11/2019. Based on what the moderator told you about router settings blocking Sense updates, I turned off my AI security settings on my Plume mesh wi-fi system and I immediately noticed that I started to pick up more devices turning on and off in my home. I’m going to see if Sense disconnects from my wi-fi tonight with the AI settings turned off. Your post helped me out. Thank you :blush: