Sense reliability?

Lately my sense has been really unreliable. That is, I open the app to see my current power use, and it takes a long time for the UI to load (the little dots animating), and then I have large blank gaps (like in the Meter display). Not every day, but much more often than I’d like. I had to power cycle it a week or two ago as it lost connectivity and didn’t seem to want to come back on its own.

My home network is very good (a rack-mounted UniFi setup with hard-wired APs throughout the property). I can’t tell where the breakdown is (Sense app? API? Ingest API? My Sense device?).

I really wish Sense made a version with Ethernet, to help improve reliability. But it’s generally been much better than this the past couple years I’ve had it.

UPDATE: It not having data the past 40 minutes is what prompted me to write this post. As I was writing it, it started showing data. But just after I posted, it stopped again, and even the little bit of data it gathere while I was composing the initial post has disappeared from view. This suggests to me an issue with the client API and Sense servers, but I can’t be sure.


Sense had an operational outage for the better part of the past week. Long thread with pointers to here:

I think that each user might experience a ramp up period when they reconnect after the outage. Take a look at the lat few messages.

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I did check the status page, and I saw the outage mentioned there (although everything was green across the board today). But I was experiencing intermittent issues today, and so I was wondering if there was something else going on.

And I am still having issues right now.


I experienced some stutters and delays when I first fired up the app a day after the outage was cured. Persisted for about 20 min, but on second invocation, a day later all seems well for me,

Well, it’s been down for me since 2 pm Pacific.

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WISEREMZ - Wi-Fi & Ethernet, No Zigbee
WISEREMPVZ - Wi-fi & Ethernet, Solar CT’s and Zigbee.

Can I use that with my Sense account, or do I need a Schneider Electric account?

ETA: Reading their installation instructions, yes.

Makes me wish I could add multiple Sense devices to my account.

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